A forgotten wallet…a hidden treasure.

It is truly amazing what happens when you least expect it!

Let me first give a little background  so that this will make sense.  My mother passed away from cancer when I was 15 years old and a sophomore in high school.  Life took a different turn at that point and communication was lost with different members of the family.

Now – after 40 years a marvelous thing happened.  I was given a ceramic piece last year, that my mother had made for Christmas years ago.  It was a Santa with a bag that always had three wrapped gifts in it that just filled the bag that was attached.  I can remember seeing it sitting in the living room on the coffee table each year.  When I brought it out I noticed one of the small wrapped packages that felt different from the others.  I opened the first two that were just empty boxes…and then I opened the third.  To my amazement it was a leather wallet.  Upon looking it over I noticed that it had my mother’s name embossed on the inside.

As my father has now passed away – I will never know if this was a gift that was never opened, or a gift that was left wrapped, intact, for me to find all these years later.  However it happened, I feel blessed and touched by my mother’s hand once again.  Thank you for the lost treasure – a true gift.  I love you and miss you Mom…..


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