A Little Rain Doesn’t Hurt…..

The day started off so pretty, and then…..A little bit of rain doesn’t hurt…it’s when the BIG rains come and start washing away all the blooms.  I had to get out and check the area around our place to make sure there was not alot of damage to the fragile items still hanging on from summer time.   We know that it is inevitable that the rains will come, the trees will change their leaves and begin to fall, but it is always so hard to say goodbye to summer.

As the month ends, so does the opportunity to take off at my leisure – camera in hand – and snap away and anything and everything I see.  Now begins the challenge of being careful and picky about what I see.  This is what I found today…..

2 thoughts to “A Little Rain Doesn’t Hurt…..”

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. So glad you decided to go out and check for anything lovely. This was an excellent bit of work (or play?).
    Love to my sweet girl,

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