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Terri McKee



Thank you for stopping by – Let me introduce myself.

I am an ambitious, woman who’s passionate, full of life’s energy, and excited about the creative field of photography.  When was the last time you had your story told?  I believe we all have a story to tell – let’s work together on telling yours.  There is a world full of people, customers, clients – that are out there looking for you!  My desire is to share your ideas by creating and expressing what  thoughts come to me when I meet and talk with you – allowing your voice to be heard and seen through my photography.   Whether you are looking to capture photographs for your book, your business, or for your social media sites. Whether you need head shots, fashion show coverage or everyday life.  I tell your story by taking the shots that showcase who you are – and what you’re about. Events such as Fashion Shows, Grand Openings, Gala Evenings and Events that may include Surprise Birthday Parties or that Engagement Moment.  Maybe you’re wanting a particular photo taken of your Landscape or that special spot you find serenity in – for your home or office. …I can help with that also.  The seconds in life all need to be remembered with an array of photography. 

We live in such a beautiful world.   I am so motivated about capturing as much of this life as I can, to share and bring the joy and excitement of what I see to as many as possible.  I love working with – and being around people.  Browse my website and enjoy the photos,  then contact me with what your particular need is to capture  – the essence of your life through photography.  Contact me for more information.  You may leave me a message below, or contact me at: terrimckeephoto@gmail.com .  Let’s get your name out to the masses together.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!