“Behind the Scenes” on set…..

I had the unique opportunity to help my good friend cater for a group of actors that were working on creating a movie out in Carson, Washington these past few days.  So of course you know I had the camera with me!  Here are just a few of the shots I gathered while working – watching – enjoying the activity.




June is Here…Posts are a Must!

Here we are heading into the summer months already!

I realized that I have been so busy doing work for my clients, that I have neglected to post anything for myself.  This is not a good thing.  How can I deny the one person that created this…ME!??!  So June marks the start of yet another attempt to photograph, create, post and share 🙂  There is so much going on I think I could post a little something every day.  Let’s see what to start with…..

My husband and I just made a trip over to visit our good friends in Liberty Lake, just out of Spokane over the long Memorial Day weekend.  What a lovely drive and beautiful country to get some different shots.  Mike and Kristi both have such handsome horses and I loved capturing some moments for them while we were there.  They also have a couple of pups – Sadie and Winston – that have so much fun playing together.  Take and look and hope these make you smile.

Here is the first of June’s shots…

Kristi & Jesster Sadie & Winston Mike & Chief

Townshend’s Tea House…..

Today I had the pleasure of visiting the Townshend’s Tea House on Alberta Street in NE Portland.  What a gem!

So many choices, and I am new to the land of teas…so I asked for a suggestion.  To my surprise they had about 16 different kinds of Chai Tea to experience.  All of which were said to be wonderful.  So I then asked for the waitress’ favorite.  She quickly explained about the Green Tea and Coconut Chai that was indeed one of her choices.

Yes please…….I will be back, say, next week!


Absolutely delish!
Absolutely delish!
Cute Tea Pots in colorful arrangement.
Cute Tea Pots in colorful arrangement.
So many choice...must go back for more!
So many choice…must go back for more!