June is Here…Posts are a Must!

Here we are heading into the summer months already!

I realized that I have been so busy doing work for my clients, that I have neglected to post anything for myself.  This is not a good thing.  How can I deny the one person that created this…ME!??!  So June marks the start of yet another attempt to photograph, create, post and share 🙂  There is so much going on I think I could post a little something every day.  Let’s see what to start with…..

My husband and I just made a trip over to visit our good friends in Liberty Lake, just out of Spokane over the long Memorial Day weekend.  What a lovely drive and beautiful country to get some different shots.  Mike and Kristi both have such handsome horses and I loved capturing some moments for them while we were there.  They also have a couple of pups – Sadie and Winston – that have so much fun playing together.  Take and look and hope these make you smile.

Here is the first of June’s shots…

Kristi & Jesster Sadie & Winston Mike & Chief

Treasure All The Animals

One of the wonders I come across from time to time, are the animals.  Big or small, walking or flying, furry or feathered…they are all God’s creation and a treat for the eyes to behold.  Just when I think I am heading out the door to capture some beautiful flowers or landscapes – I am distracted by the creatures around me.

Browse thru these and let me know what you think?  Comments are always welcome, as it is only thru these do we truly improve.

A Day at the Farm…..

What a wonderful drive to the country side of Cornelius.  A good friend of mine invited me out to see their farmland, and to photograph anything I could find.  Well – let’s say that after this trip, I will be taking more ventures out that way.  There were so many spots to stop and grab a shot of – that my brain was on overload.  Even though the weather was not sunny and bright, once the rubber boots were on, I was off.

After about an hour or so, I stopped to visit awhile and share stories.  We haven’t seen each other for years, but it felt like no time had passed.  What a joy the visit was, and the opportunity to photograph some of their belongings thru my eyes.  Here are a few that I feel show just the surface of what I may find on future visits.  Thank you so much Linda and Wes!