Here is my entry for the Gardening Gone Wild May 2011 Photo Contest

I have been so busy lately that I have not taken the time to make an entry for the past month or so.  Being busy is a great thing, taking photographs and creating “treasures” to show my work.  The link here will take you to the contest for May that I am entering.  The more I enter these contests, the more I learn and am able to share and gain knowledge of this wide open field of photography.  Learning from the masters is priceless to me.

Gardening Gone Wild Photo Contests – May 2011

This months contest is all about lighting using macro lens work.  I think I will choose this shot as I love the way the sun plays with the orange petals of the azalea.  The macro lens allows you the up close and personal look at the inner workings of the anthers courtesy of mother nature.  The light plays off the petals and the contrast between the blue sky and the orange of the flower is striking.

The Right Light GGW Picture – Photo Contest Entry

Gardening Gone Wild Picture This Photo Contest

I have decided to enter this photo contest called Gardening Gone Wild Picture This Photo Contest.  It looks like fun and I found just the right shot to use.

I walked out into the field one morning and the fog was just starting to lift.  With camera in hand I captured this shot as the sun was peeking thru the trees.  It looks as though there was a little spiritual feeling in the air at that exact moment.  So grateful for my camera, a vision, and nature to put it all together.