Each one a true wonder —

Have you ever noticed when you look, I mean really look at a tulip – just how truly wonderful they are?  Each one has it’s own unique blend of colors.  You have to look intensely at every single petal, and you will see the markings of a genius with a paintbrush.  Although they may seem all yellow or all red or a combination of both.  When you really look – each one is as individual as we are.  Fingerprints in the petals, all shapes and sizes and each one blooms just when it is supposed to.  One more reason to love looking at nature through my lens.

Beautiful Hanging Baskets

If you are ready to get your garden going this season, be sure to visit Bobz Garden Center in Aloha. They just opened up and already have an amazing assortment of plants to choose from. They are always adding as the planting times draw nearer, depending on what you are looking for.
Check them out today – and you just may see a couple of Terri’s Treasures cards for sale created especially for them!

Few Days Left At Starbuck’s

Hello All…

Letting you know that my framed photographs will be hanging at Starbuck’s over at 158th and Walker for just a few more days.  I will be at Raleigh Hills Starbuck’s the month of June, and at Insomnia Cafe the month of July.  Make sure to stop by and take a look, send me a note that you saw them and what your favorite one was, and you will receive a little something for your effort!  It’s one way of getting myself out there and seen, and it’s also a great way for you to get a piece of “Treasure” for yourself.

Have a great day, enjoy the rain even though you don’t want to…..it makes the flowers bloom, the grass greener and allows life to renew itself for another day.