Another Fun Visit To Dennis’ 7 Dees Landscaping & Garden Center

I always love visiting Dennis’ with all their colors and planters.  It takes time to absorb it all, as you walk around the Garden Center marveling at what you see.  I find myself saying…I want that one…..Ohhhhh, that would look so good with…..LOVE those colors together…..What a great idea for the patio…..

Take a look thru these and let me know which one you will be picking up soon!


Treasure All The Animals

One of the wonders I come across from time to time, are the animals.  Big or small, walking or flying, furry or feathered…they are all God’s creation and a treat for the eyes to behold.  Just when I think I am heading out the door to capture some beautiful flowers or landscapes – I am distracted by the creatures around me.

Browse thru these and let me know what you think?  Comments are always welcome, as it is only thru these do we truly improve.

The Day of the Flowers…..

How many flowers can you name?  How many colors have you counted?  How often do you buy them just for yourself?

Tomorrow is the day – The Day of the Flowers!  I give you my ultimate permission to indulge yourself in purchasing something wonderful and unusual for your yard, patio, that coffee table that needs a little change in character.  Do it – buy 2 or 3 or more.

You’ll be happy you did!