“Behind the Scenes” on set…..

I had the unique opportunity to help my good friend cater for a group of actors that were working on creating a movie out in Carson, Washington these past few days.  So of course you know I had the camera with me!  Here are just a few of the shots I gathered while working – watching – enjoying the activity.




What’s in a Leaf?

What is in a Leaf?  Why are their so many lines and where do they lead?  Do you call them veins, micro roads, trails, wrinkles….

As I headed out for my daily walk through out the neighborhood – I looked down and there was this big…perfect…green leaf, right on the ground in front of me when I came down the stairs.  It was as if it was waiting for me to pick it up, admire it, and of course photograph it.

As I looked closer at it, the leaf was telling a story to me through my camera lens.  Look closer it said….tell me what you see.

O’Pearl Brands Prep for Fashion Show

Here we are at the start of summer, and I realize I haven’t posted anything about what I have been up to!  Let me take a few minutes to get something on here, life has been crazy good, and I really want to share.  Let’s start with what happened to get me off track.

Take a peek…leave me a note, or better yet, pass my site along to someone you know.

Fashion Shows!!!  O’Pearl Brands Jewelry with Kerry Yu and Fashion Designs by Julie Rose Johnson.  What a fun night leading up the the big show for Portland Fashion Week.

The fashion industry is a new thing for me – it was a happening thing with much excitement in the air.  First time photographing the runway and I couldn’t wait to  be in the midst of several other photographers all trying to get “THE” shot.

Here are a few shots from the prep the night before the big show.  We were at the Benson trying on, practicing the walk, sorting out the jewelry with the right dress, the shoes, the right model……SOOOOO much goes into these shows you have no idea.