Behind the Camera – This Was My Spot

Earlier in August, I had the pleasure of tagging along with my friend Lisa Marshall (Ali’s Italian Kitchen & Catering) – as she catered for the 48HR production shoot for “Inheritance” by Tiberius Wild Hunt.

This was such a fun day watching what it takes to be focused, talented, and passionate about your craft.  These folks chose a venue, wrote a script, filmed it, edited it, and submitted it to the powers that controlled the “filming heavens” for an entry into a fabulous competition.

What you see here is my vision of the “behind the camera – this was my spot” photographs.  Enjoy, comment, check out the clip, and comment again.  Can’t wait for the next opportunity with these folks!


Inheritance 2014 Trailer Utube Link





Telling a story is what I do…

I like to think that I do it quite well…tell a story with my photography that is.  Here is a sample of what I shot this week for a new client at The Hatch Building in SE Portland.  The group is called RolodexPdx.  It’s a networking – socializing – after work mission driven professionals – Ted style talking kind of gathering.  There were 80 amazingly interesting individuals in attendance.  Sound like fun?  It was, and I am looking forward to the next meeting in October.  These 2-3 hour events are held every other month.

Stephanie Austin is the host, and has a handful of fantastic helpers that – together they run a pretty smooth evening. with lively speakers, food and getting to know each other in a very unique style.  Take a look at these happy faces, you will want to come in October to see what all the excitement is about.





Townshend’s Tea House…..

Today I had the pleasure of visiting the Townshend’s Tea House on Alberta Street in NE Portland.  What a gem!

So many choices, and I am new to the land of teas…so I asked for a suggestion.  To my surprise they had about 16 different kinds of Chai Tea to experience.  All of which were said to be wonderful.  So I then asked for the waitress’ favorite.  She quickly explained about the Green Tea and Coconut Chai that was indeed one of her choices.

Yes please…….I will be back, say, next week!


Absolutely delish!
Absolutely delish!
Cute Tea Pots in colorful arrangement.
Cute Tea Pots in colorful arrangement.
So many choice...must go back for more!
So many choice…must go back for more!