Tuesday’s Travels

Today’s travels took me into Tualatin. Actually into Fred Meyers to be exact. As I said, I never go anywhere without my camera lately. So yes…it was inside my bag. I politely asked the cashier if she minded if I took a couple of shots of the gorgeous flowers she was putting out. She did not, and so out came the camera.

The mixed flower assortment caught my eye thru the lens. The textures and colors were standing out to me today. Maybe it was the rain outside that pushed me indoors for an adventure thru the store, or maybe I was just hungry for a different venue. Either way, I think these few shots were the cream of the crop for today.

Who can say NO to yellow roses, the pollen loaded lily, and the deep shades of mums completed my trip. Then it was outdoors to grab the few remaining tulips fresh from a small shower.

Which one is your favorite? Let me know and I can print one up just for you!