Winter Wonders…..

Wondering why winter brings such gray skies?  How about why the trees really lose their leaves?  Or maybe wondering what happens to the birds, bees, and all the little critters we see during the summer months?

I find myself looking up at the trees wondering how high they really are – just what keeps them heading straight up into the ever reaching sky.  Do they talk amongst themselves like in the movie “Lord of the Rings” fighting the evil doers and protecting the forest?  I wonder…..

Just when I am thinking that I can’t find anything pretty to photograph, or the day is too dismal to share, I turn around the corner and am face to face with such beauty.  Driving up the hill in West Linn and catching this sight was one that put me back to right size for the day.  I was reminded of the many winter wonders that are all around – we just need to open our eyes.

Even the finer lines of the trees are so much more intimate during the winter…..more wonders?

Climb into the trees with me…

I have marveled at the wonders trees hold.  Such power and strength, bending ever so gently in the wind.  Yet they can break –  falling to the ground when you least expect them to.  This time of year holds darker shades of grays and browns allowing them to seem more powerful.   The branches catch the light, especially with the recent day of snow.  Walk with me…let me know how they appear to you.