Another Fun Visit To Dennis’ 7 Dees Landscaping & Garden Center

I always love visiting Dennis’ with all their colors and planters.  It takes time to absorb it all, as you walk around the Garden Center marveling at what you see.  I find myself saying…I want that one…..Ohhhhh, that would look so good with…..LOVE those colors together…..What a great idea for the patio…..

Take a look thru these and let me know which one you will be picking up soon!


A Little Rain Doesn’t Hurt…..

The day started off so pretty, and then…..A little bit of rain doesn’t hurt…it’s when the BIG rains come and start washing away all the blooms.  I had to get out and check the area around our place to make sure there was not alot of damage to the fragile items still hanging on from summer time.   We know that it is inevitable that the rains will come, the trees will change their leaves and begin to fall, but it is always so hard to say goodbye to summer.

As the month ends, so does the opportunity to take off at my leisure – camera in hand – and snap away and anything and everything I see.  Now begins the challenge of being careful and picky about what I see.  This is what I found today…..

Sunny Friday to Cherish Nature

Today was an amazing day to enjoy the fruits of nature…or should I say the flowers and new vegetables  in the making.   In my excitement about the sunshine, I grabbed the camera and headed out to see what I could find.  There is a local community vegetable garden that the neighbors are just getting started.  I made some new friends as I snapped away while chatting about what they were working on.  Of course there were some flowers left to admire along the way to and from.  Let me show you what I came across on this beautiful Friday before spring break.