Historic Deepwood Estate for the Wine and Jazz Festival 2014

What a fabulous evening for the Historical Deepwood Estate in Salem.  Despite the weather with all the quick and intense rain storms, the show must go on.  What a wonderful surprise to have the day clear up – and come 4pm – the line was long with people waiting to get in!  Let’s take a look at some of the fun my camera and I captured…..

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Don’t let the rain distract your vision…..

Just when I thought the rain, wind, more rain, more wind – was boring me away from wanting to be outside…I drove past the color combo of the day.  These luscious miniature trees of brilliant purple and white caught my eyes.  Although the sky was gray and the puddles deep, I managed to pull over safely and jumped out to capture the photos of the day.

Ahhhhhhh…..these made it all worth driving about.


Then It Was Sunday!

What a fantastic weekend!  The weather was great on Saturday for some photo ops, and then it was Sunday.  The weekends are never long enough, but maybe that’s why we have them every week.  Just a few shots for now…hope you like the variety.   Starbucks at first light, followed by a walk along the creek.  I shared it with the locals.  Then Sunday proved to be a good little deviation from the usual ride home.

Haven’t heard from some of you lately…feel free to comment.  Until the next shoot…