Telling a story is what I do…

I like to think that I do it quite well…tell a story with my photography that is.  Here is a sample of what I shot this week for a new client at The Hatch Building in SE Portland.  The group is called RolodexPdx.  It’s a networking – socializing – after work mission driven professionals – Ted style talking kind of gathering.  There were 80 amazingly interesting individuals in attendance.  Sound like fun?  It was, and I am looking forward to the next meeting in October.  These 2-3 hour events are held every other month.

Stephanie Austin is the host, and has a handful of fantastic helpers that – together they run a pretty smooth evening. with lively speakers, food and getting to know each other in a very unique style.  Take a look at these happy faces, you will want to come in October to see what all the excitement is about.





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